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We are a multiplayer clan. We are a Danish clan only, that means if you want to join, you have to be from Denmark. Most of this homepage will be in danish...

Who is -=N-W-O=-?
-=N-W-O=- is a Danish clan, we have existed since ´99... (founded by Stormy)

We started playing Rogue Spear in ´99 and later Urban Operations. We played on some nice servers such as South Park Cows. With Engel (now known as AngelCow), Swedish Chef hosted for South Park Cows. Not to mention, Topdog from Broz or Jade from ODS who also hosted some nice games. And of course many, many others...

At the moment after years of playing Raven Shield, Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare, Call Of Duty - Black Ops. II, Call Of Duty - Ghosts, our main game is now Rainbow Six: Siege , but we also play other games using our clan tag -=N-W-O=-, Battlefield 1 and World Of Tanks, Company Of Heroes 2

Why are members of -=N-W-O=- only Danish?
One of the reasons is communication; things just go faster in our own language. We usely like to meet...
Company Of Heroes 2 PDF Print

Så kom Company Of Heroes 2 endelig. Største delen af -=N-W-O=- er hoppet med på vognen og hygger nu også med dette fantastiske spil  :)

Teamspeak 3 PDF Print

Efter længere tids test med TeamSpeak 3, har vi i fællesskab besluttet at benytte denne version fremover til trods for at både serveren og klient versionen stadig er i beta-test.


Det betyder at vores Teamspeak 2 server vil blive lukket ned og fjernet fra vores server.

Join -=N-W-O=- Teamspeak på: ts.nwo.dk

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Fast spilleaften hver søndag kl. 20:00 PDF Print

Der spilles Call Off Duty: WWII alle skal være velkommen også på TeamSpeak!


10 år´s jubilæum PDF Print

-=N-W-O=- holdt 10 års jubilæum d. 15 august 2009, med gokart ræs, grill og masser af hygge!