We are a multiplayer clan. We are a Danish clan only, that means if you want to join, you have to be from Denmark. Most of this homepage will be in danish...


Who is -=N-W-O=-?
-=N-W-O=- is a Danish clan, we have existed since ´99... (founded by Stormy)

We started playing Rogue Spear in ´99 and later Urban Operations. We played on some nice servers such as South Park Cows. With Engel (now known as AngelCow), Swedish Chef hosted for South Park Cows. Not to mention, Topdog from Broz or Jade from ODS who also hosted some nice games. And of course many, many others...

At the moment after years of playing Raven Shield, Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare, Call Of Duty - Black Ops. II, Call Of Duty - Ghosts, our main game is now Rainbow Six: Siege , but we also play other games using our clan tag -=N-W-O=-, Battlefield 1 and World Of Tanks, Company Of Heroes 2

Why are members of -=N-W-O=- only Danish?
One of the reasons is communication; things just go faster in our own language. We usely like to meet... people in person, before they can join the clan. Also it´s easier to gather people for net-parties, typically a weekend of mayham. We aim to have at least two net-parties a year, where teamkill cost beer and the victims sometimes get very drunk. ;o)

How many are you, and why haven´t we seen you..??
We are a small clan, with only 9 members at the moment. The average age of our members is over 45 years of age. We might be old farts, but we´re deadly none the less. ;o)

Manners, Rules and Attitudes..!
As mentioned before we started playing in 1999, on servers with people from clans such as [Sp.Cows] [BROz] [F.U.G.] =ODS= [D.A.T]... Nice clans, with nice players and nice attitudes. We love(d) the gaming style... and we are playing "after" some of the same principals as they are. Such as: Fair play, Fun, Respect and Muuuuh words, and all gaming styles allowed, i.e. camping... e.t.c.

We took a new clan name in 2003. We changed from -=New-World-Order=- to -=nOObs-Without-Obligations=-. It´s kind of a "symbol" of how serious we are, and how we play the game. We just play for FUN!

Playing style!
We camp, we rush, we snipe and we die! :o)


E-mail: admin(a)nwo.dk